Illustration of an electrostatic film capacitor

We address energy-related challenges and lay the foundation for future technologies through a deeper understanding of the interactions between energy and matter at the electronic, atomic, and molecular levels.

A view through a round glass portal to the inside of a complicated metal device

Embedded in Berkeley Lab’s rich research environment, we foster a climate of multidisciplinary collaboration and scientific excellence to promote integrated fundamental research and provide unique tools for transformational breakthroughs in energy science, including condensed matter and materials physics, chemistry, microelectronics, quantum systems, and aspects of physical biosciences.

A large group of people posing in a parking lot smiling and waving

We know that collaboration thrives best in a culture of belonging, so we work to center values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability in everything we do.

Three men in PPE connecting electric probes to a small circuit board

Our passion for collaboration extends beyond Berkeley Lab, and ESA scientists work closely with partners from academia and industry, and train junior researchers through internship programs and other opportunities.